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The IBO Media PLAYER app has a free 7-day trial period. Once installed on your smart TV, test the app’s features. The Device ID, Device Key address, and URL are essential for the application’s proper functioning. You are at the right place if you want IBO Player activation for a lifetime.

IBO Player Activation For Lifetime

When you get an IBO player playlist, you can watch live channels, movies, and series. You can watch 23,000 live channels, 90,000 movies, and 50,000 Series. Multiplatform Application—Smart TV, Samsung, LG, IOS, Android TV and Cell Phone, Firestick, Android TV Converter.

IBO PLAYER is a multimedia application that does not include any content. You can try it free for seven days. After this period, you must activate the license to use the application.

  1. To activate the license, sending the requested information via email or WhatsApp is necessary.
  2. We are only resellers of the use license, not the application’s developers.
  3. This site is a quick way to pay and activate the application license online.
  4. After activating the usage license in the application, you cannot cancel or get a refund.
  5. The author of the application and our reseller are not responsible for the content you upload to the application.
  6. If you have questions about the application license, please contact us.

This IBO player apk is considered one of the best applications ever for operating channels. This application offers unique features that make it the best iOS player, setting it apart from other applications. You protect the image quality of your channel from hacking, preventing anyone from stealing your list. Through the secret code, it has countless features.

The Ibo player app will be activated after 5 minutes of your contact with us on WhatsApp. You must download the iOS player app on your device and send me your Mac address.


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